1. Get Started

Going meatfree one day each week is a powerful way for each of us to reduce our ecological footprint and reconnect with foods that are nutritious, delicious and cruelty-free. At meatlessmondays.ca, you’ll find great recipes, inspiring videos and helpful tips for your Monday adventures.

The benefits

It’s about healthy eating with flavour. Sustainability with flair. Compassion with a side of do-it-yourself kitchen magic. Join Meatless Mondays today to turn those lofty ideals into delicious, delicious action.

  • Improve your health: Studies show that incorporating meatless meals can help prevent or reverse heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  • Reduce your footprint: According to the UN, animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of global climate change.
  • Cut out cruelty: Learn how to make guilt-free meals a bigger part of your diet.
  • Have fun: Make your Mondays an adventure – discover Toronto’s meatless hotspots and recipes ranging from easy to gourmet, from healthy to decadent.

Student’s guide to Meatless Mondays

With organizations like The David Suzuki Foundation and World Wildlife Fund advocating meatless meals as an eco-friendly choice. At most colleges and universities, vegetarian foods are cheaper and easier to find than ever before. Read more…